“Studio” solo project

2012 - 10

Shading, lighting and rendering test in Maya with Mental Ray and the Mental Ray SSS-Shader.

Softwares: Maya 2013, Mental Ray, NukeX.

For the room: diffuse material color, diffuse, direct irradiance, indirect, coverage, ambient occlusion, shadow, reflection, specular, depth, environment fog, motion vector, matte, background image and 5 object-ID-passes.
For the sculpture: one diffuse-pass for each light = 13 diffuse-passes, matte and 1 object-ID-pass.

Rendered as: OpenEXR file.

The majority of the objects in the studio and their textures are free 3d models from turbosquid.com and Poser.
I modeled some objects with Maya and Mudbux;
normal-maps, specular-maps and ambient occlusion-maps with CrazyBumb;
shading, lighting and rendering with Maya and compositing with NukeX.

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