Frank 3D – Solo Project

2011 - 09


The main character in this 3D Shortfilm is Frank, a little orange candle that lives in a glas.

Frank wakes up startlingly because someone (you see only a hand) light him with a match. He trys to put the flame histerically out, runs against the interior side of the glas and falls down. Finally he blows out the flame from the ground. Frank tries hard to stand up and he rolls again against the glas, that wobbles a little. He has the idea to escape and rolls up and down in the glas, until he finally tips the glas over and resumes his liberty. Now Frank is free, leans against a picture and beams exhausted with joy.

The idea

The idea for this 3D projects has its origin in a 2D cartoon I developed, which allowed me to be admitted to the second semester at the MDH Berlin. The duration guidelines and the technical possibilities influenced the contains of the movie and changed it something completely new and indipendent.

Softwares: Maya 2011, Mental Ray, Fusion, After Effects CS5, Premiere Pro CS5

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