Luigi Pisciotta

Welcome to my webpage!Luigi Pisciotta

I was born in 1984 in Florence (Italy) and I’m living in Berlin (Germany) since 2004.

2014 I graduated at the “Mediadesign Hochschule” university in Berlin with specialisation VFX (Lighting TD & Pipeline Design).

I have a strong knowledge of VFX production, production management and scheduling, comulated in the gaming, commercial an feature film industry. I have also a lot of experience with VFX workflows, CG and compositing supervision, coordination and on set data wrangling as well as co-supervision. I have also the knowledge to make Script break downs and bids. I worked with the most common production and artist software packages used in the industry.

As a Resource and Technology Coordinator I was responsible for scheduling the pipeline department, to provide smoothly development (scrum mastering) and to meet the deadlines set from management. On top of that was responsible to keep the artists and production members up to date about new workflows, software and pipeline tools.

As Art Manager I managed, scheduled and controlled several projects and also detected
critical paths, solved them and optimized the workflow. My responsibility included keeping the department running, creating statistics and schedules that could improve the capacity of the team to work better, faster and without overtime and unnecessary stress.

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