Luigi Pisciotta

Welcome to my webpage!Luigi Pisciotta

Luigi Pisciotta is a VFX Line Producer at Industrial Light & Magic.

Born in Florence (Italy), Luigi always wanted to be part of big feature film productions. He moved to Berlin to attend the Secondary Art School “Berlin-Weissensee” to improve the basics of traditional art and design. After his degree 2010, he studied VFX at the university “Mediadesign-Hochschule” in Berlin, where he specialized in Lighting, Rendering and Pipeline Design.

His way to the VFX industry started as a 3D Generalist Intern in a post production house in Hamburg for commercials. To avoid overtime and to improve efficiency during production, he started engaging more and more in scheduling, production management and workflows. He published several articles for the German magazine “Digital Production”, about the pipeline and workflows of his student projects. The new experience on the production side brought him from commercials to the game industry where he managed the Corporate Art team of Goodgame Studios. This finally led him to the VFX industry where he started as a VFX Coordinator at Trixter. He worked at Trixter for almost 3 years in which he helped raise the new Trixter Berlin studio, by optimizing and renewing their workflows.

After 4 years as a Coordinator Luigi became a VFX Line Producer for Rise FX in Berlin and two years later at the London facility. In London Luigi worked also for Industrial Light & Magic as VFX Line Producer, for Lucasfilms as VFX Coordinator and for DNEG as Production Data Analyst.

Luigi worked on international feature films like “Captain America – Civil War” (2016), “Independence Day 2” (2016), “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” (2017), “Black Panther” (2018), “Doctor Sleep” (2019), “The King’s Man” (2021), “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” (2022), “Ultraman” (2024) and as well as many German productions. Data wrangling on set, coordinating and managing production for TV series like “Fear the walking dead” (2016), “Lost in Space” (2018), “Wheel of Time” (2021), “Andor” (2022), “Acolyte” (2024) and several commercials, were part of his work as well.

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